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American and international bus companies: Check their bus schedules, bus stations and bus routes

All Bus Companies at a glance

CheckMyBus shows you all available bus companies at a glance. Regardless of whether you're travelling domestically or abroad, at you'll find a large selection of bus companies, with safe, comfortable and greatly priced busses ready to bring you to your destination.

Find out more about each bus company. See if WiFi is available or if complimentary snacks and drinks are offered. Check the bus schedule on CheckMyBus!

We do not only compare buses, but also other public means of transport - Further information at: Other means of transport.

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All bus companies in the USA

GotoBus GotoBus GotoBus bus-amenities

Greyhound US Greyhound Bus Greyhound US bus-amenities

Jefferson Lines Jefferson Lines Jefferson Lines bus-amenities

megabus US megabus US megabus US bus-amenities

Trailways Trailways Trailways bus-amenities

TripperBus TripperBus TripperBus amenities

International bus companies

Aerocar Aerocar Aerocar-amenities

Águia Branca Águia Branca Águia Branca bus-amenities

Aircoach Aircoach Aircoach-amenities

Airport Bus Service Airport Bus Service Airport Bus Service-amenities

Allgäu-Airport-Express Allgäu-Airport-Express Allgäu-Airport-Express bus-amenities

almabus almabus almabus-amenities

ALSA ALSA ALSA bus-amenities

Altibus Altibus Altibus amenities

Andorinha Andorinha Andorinha bus-amenities

Andorra Direct Bus Andorra Direct Bus Andorra Direct Bus-amenities

Andrade Voyages Andrade Voyages Andrade Voyages bus-amenities

Appennino Shuttle Appennino Shuttle Appennino Shuttle bus-amenities

Arda-Tur Arda-Tur Arda-Tur bus-amenities

AS Karpaten- & Krim Tours AS Karpaten- & Krim Tours AS Karpaten- & Krim Tours bus-amenities

Autocares Grupo Samar Autocares Grupo Samar Autocares Grupo Samar bus-amenities

Autokraft GmbH Autokraft GmbH Autokraft GmbH bus-amenities

Autolinee Curcio (Busweb) Autolinee Curcio (Busweb) Autolinee Curcio (Busweb) Bus-amenities

Autolinee Mavibus (Busweb) Autolinee Mavibus (Busweb) Autolinee Mavibus (Busweb) Bus-amenities

Autolinee Romano Autolinee Romano Autolinee Romano Bus-amenities

Autolinee Sellitto (Busweb) Autolinee Sellitto (Busweb) Autolinee Sellitto (Busweb) Bus-amenities

Autoservizi Salemi (ibus) Autoservizi Salemi (ibus) Autoservizi Salemi (ibus) amenities

Auto Viação Catarinense Auto Viação Catarinense Auto Viação Catarinense bus-amenities

Auto Viação 1001 Auto Viação 1001 Auto Viação 1001 bus-amenities

Avanza Grupo Avanza Grupo Avanza Grupo bus-amenities

Baltour Baltour Baltour Bus-amenities

Berlin Linien Bus Berlin Linien Bus Berlin Linien bus-amenities


BestBusTravel BestBusTravel BestBusTravel-amenities

Blue Line Blue Line Blue Line bus-amenities

Bohemian Lines Bohemian Lines Bohemian Lines-amenities

BOHR Omnibus BOHR Omnibus BOHR Omnibus-amenities

Bokolina Bokolina Bokolina bus-amenities

Bozur Bozur Bozur bus-amenities

Brabusz Brabusz Brabusz bus-amenities

Brussels City Shuttle Brussels City Shuttle Brussels City Shuttle-amenities

BusAndFly BusAndFly BusAndFly Bus-amenities

Busgroup Südtirol Busgroup Südtirol Busgroup Südtirol bus-amenities

Bus Plana Bus Plana Bus Plana amenities

Calanda Viaggi Calanda Viaggi Calanda Viaggi bus-amenities

Chamexpress Chamexpress Chamexpress-amenities

Christian Transfers Christian Transfers Christian Transfers bus-amenities

CipollaGroup CipollaGroup CipollaGroup Bus-amenities

city2city city2city city2city bus-amenities

CityBusExpress CityBusExpress CityBusExpress bus-amenities

citylink citylink citylink Bus-amenities

Consorzio Autolinee (ibus) Consorzio Autolinee (ibus) Consorzio Autolinee (ibus) amenities

Cortina Express (ibus) Cortina Express (ibus) Cortina Express (ibus) amenities

Costa Verde Transportes Costa Verde Transportes Costa Verde Transportes bus-amenities

Czech Transport Czech Transport Czech Transport-amenities

Danúbio Azul Danúbio Azul Danúbio Azul bus-amenities Bus-amenities

Di Fonzo Donato & F.lli Spa (ibus) Di Fonzo Donato & F.lli Spa (ibus) Di Fonzo Donato & F.lli Spa (ibus) amenities

Domo Reisen Domo Reisen Domo Reisen bus-amenities

Drinatrans Drinatrans Drinatrans bus-amenities

EasyBus UK EasyBus UK EasyBus UK bus-amenities

Eberhardt Reisen Eberhardt Reisen Eberhardt Reisen bus-amenities

Ecolines Ecolines Ecolines-amenities

Elabus Elabus Elabus bus-amenities

Eskana Bus Eskana Bus Eskana Bus bus-amenities

Ettore Curcio (Busweb) Ettore Curcio (Busweb) Ettore Curcio (Busweb) Bus-amenities

Eurobooking (Busweb) Eurobooking (Busweb) Eurobooking (Busweb) amenities

Euro Bus Euro Bus Euro Bus-amenities

EuroBus online EuroBus online EuroBus online bus-amenities

Eurolines AT Eurolines AT Eurolines AT Bus-amenities

Eurolines CZ Eurolines CZ Eurolines CZ bus-amenities

Eurolines Germany Eurolines Germany Eurolines Germany Bus-amenities

Eurolines France Eurolines France Eurolines France Bus-amenities

Eurolines MĄDELTRANS Eurolines MĄDELTRANS Eurolines MĄDELTRANS bus-amenities

Eurolines Spain Eurolines Spain Eurolines Spain-amenities

Eurolines Suisse Eurolines Suisse Eurolines Suisse-amenities

Eurolines UK Eurolines UK Eurolines UK bus-amenities

ExpressBus ExpressBus ExpressBus-amenities

Express Bus (Busweb) Express Bus (Busweb) Express Bus (Busweb) Bus-amenities Bus-amenities

ExpressBus Finnland ExpressBus Finnland ExpressBus Finnland bus-amenities

Expresso Queiróz Expresso Queiróz Expresso Queiróz-amenities


Flibco Flibco Flibco bus-amenities

FlixBus FlixBus FlixBus Bus-amenities

Frossard Frossard Frossard Bus-amenities

GBS Gruppo Gigante (Busweb) GBS Gruppo Gigante (Busweb) GBS Gruppo Gigante (Busweb) Bus-amenities

Greyhound UK Greyhound UK Greyhound UK Bus-amenities

GRUBER-reisen Bäderbusse GRUBER-reisen Bäderbusse GRUBER-reisen Bäderbusse bus-amenities

Hahn-Express Hahn-Express Hahn-Express bus-amenities

Has Turizm Has Turizm Has Turizm bus-amenities

Hinz Reisen Hinz Reisen Hinz Reisen bus-amenities

Huben Huben Huben bus-amenities

IAS Autolinee (Busweb) IAS Autolinee (Busweb) IAS Autolinee (Busweb) amenities

IAS Touring (Busweb) IAS Touring (Busweb) IAS Touring (Busweb) amenities

IC Bus IC Bus IC Bus-amenities

iDBUS iDBUS iDBUS-amenities

Ingolstadt Village Shopping Express Ingolstadt Village Shopping Express Ingolstadt Village Shopping Express-amenities

Ingolstädter Airport Express Ingolstädter Airport Express Ingolstädter Airport Express bus-amenities

Interbus Interbus Interbus-amenities

Intercars Europe Intercars Europe Intercars Europe Bus-amenities

INTER SAJ Srl (ibus) INTER SAJ Srl (ibus) INTER SAJ Srl (ibus) amenities

isilines isilines isilines bus-amenities

Jade-Elbe-Express Jade-Elbe-Express Jade-Elbe-Express bus-amenities

Kärnten Transfer Kärnten Transfer Kärnten Transfer Bus-amenities

La Sepulvedana Grupo La Sepulvedana La Sepulvedana bus-amenities

Le Bus Direct Le Bus Direct Le Bus Direct bus-amenities

LER 35 LER 35 LER 35 Bus-amenities

Lignes d'Azur Lignes d'Azur Lignes d'Azur bus-amenities

Lirosi Linee Lirosi Linee Lirosi Linee Bus-amenities

Lufthansa Airport Bus Lufthansa Airport Bus Lufthansa Airport Bus-amenities

Lufthansa Lufthansa Lufthansa Bus-amenities

Lux Express Lux Express Lux Express Bus-amenities

Marino Autolinee Marino Autolinee Marino Autolinee Bus-amenities

Matzes-Minibus Matzes-Minibus Matzes-Minibus-amenities

Mayer und Mayer Mayer und Mayer Mayer und Mayer bus-amenities

megabus megabus megabus-amenities

MeinFernbus MeinFernbus MeinFernbus-amenities

Mikanovic Mikanovic Mikanovic-amenities

Monbus Monbus Monbus bus-amenities

Movelia Movelia Movelia Bus-amenities

Nacional Expresso Nacional Expresso Nacional Expresso bus-amenities

National Express National Express National Expressbus-amenities Bus-amenities

Nice AirportXpress Nice AirportXpress Nice AirportXpress Bus-amenities

Novatel Novatel Novatel-amenities

ÖBB Intercitybus ÖBB Intercitybus ÖBB Intercitybus-amenities

Ollex Shuttle Ollex Shuttle Ollex Shuttle bus-amenities

OneBus OneBus Onebus-amenities

OrangeWays OrangeWays Orange Ways bus-amenities

Orland Reisen Orland Reisen Orland Reisen bus-amenities

Ostfriesland Express Ostfriesland Express Ostfriesland Express-amenities


PKS Polonus PKS Polonus PKS Polonus bus-amenities

Polonia Tours Polonia Tours Polonia Tours-amenities

PolskiBus PolskiBus PolskiBus-amenities

Postbus Postbus Postbus-amenities

Prague Airport Transfers Prague Airport Transfers Prague Airport Transfers bus-amenities bus-amenities

Public Express Public Express Public Express-amenities

Pugliairbus Pugliairbus Pugliairbus Bus-amenities

Radina VIP Radina VIP Radina VIP bus-amenities

Retman Retman Retman bus-amenities

Rocco Autolinee Rocco Autolinee Rocco Autolinee Bus-amenities

Roma Marche Linee Roma Marche Linee Roma Marche Linee bus-amenities

Roissybus Roissybus Roissybus amenities

Sadem Sadem Sadem bus-amenities

Sagalés Sagalés Sagalés amenities

SAPS S.r.l. (Busweb) SAPS S.r.l. (Busweb) SAPS S.r.l. (Busweb) amenities

Sarfa Sarfa Sarfa bus-amenities

S.A.T.A.M. Srl (ibus) S.A.T.A.M. Srl (ibus) S.A.T.A.M. Srl (ibus) amenities

Schnur-Stracks Schnur-Stracks Schnur-Stracks bus-amenities

SemiTimes SemiTimes SemiTimes-amenities

Simeonidis Tours Simeonidis Tours Simeonidis Tours bus-amenities


Sindbad Sindbad Sindbad Bus-amenities

S.I.T. S.r.l. (Busweb) S.I.T. S.r.l. (Busweb) S.I.T. S.r.l. (Busweb) Bus-amenities

Sprint-Bus SprintBus SprintBus-amenities

Starshipper Starshipper Starshipper bus-amenities

Student Agency Student Agency Student Agency bus-amenities

Swebus Swebus Swebus Bus-amenities

Terravision Terravision Terravision bus-amenities

Tiemme S.p.a. (Busweb) Tiemme S.p.a. (Busweb) Tiemme S.p.a. (Busweb) Bus-amenities

TigerExpress TigerExpress TigerExpress Bus-amenities

Tisséo Tisséo Tisséo bus-amenities

The Airline The Airline The Airline Bus-amenities

Touring Travel Touring Travel Touring Travel bus-amenities

Transaltitude Transaltitude Transaltitude bus-amenities

Transportes PESA Transportes PESA Transportes PESA bus-amenities

T.T.I. S.r.l. (Busweb) T.T.I. S.r.l. (Busweb) T.T.I. S.r.l. (Busweb) Bus-amenities

Turancar Turancar Turancar Bus-amenities

Ulusoy Ulusoy Ulusoy-amenities

VEA VEA VEA bus-amenities


Viação Barroso Viação Barroso Viação Barroso-amenities

Viação Cometa Viação Cometa Viação Cometa bus-amenities

Viação Reunidas Viação Reunidas Viação Reunidas bus-amenities

Viação Santa Cruz Viação Santa Cruz Viação Santa Cruz bus-amenities

Viação São Raphael Viação São Raphael Viação São Raphael bus-amenities

Vincek Vincek Vincek Bus-amenities

VIP Europa VIP Europa VIP Europa bus-amenities

WESTbus WESTbus WESTbus bus-amenities

Other means of transport

Deutsche Bahn Deutsche Bahn Deutsche Bahn-amenities

Italotreno Italotreno Italotreno-amenities

BlaBlaCar BlaBlaCar